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    Picture Frame Restoration

    Antique Picture Frames Antiques Frame Restoration Restoration

    Restoring a picture frame will give it new life. Antique picture frames frequently need cleaning, repair of broken pieces, conservation, and restoration of the original gilded surfaces. They may also need re-gilding and antiquing, joining and reinforcing damaged corners.

    Before – The ornament has broken off this frame in several places. The wood has split, compromising the structural integrity. Some of the ornament is missing. The frame also has a coating of dirt and oxidized bronze paint on it.  
    After – The frame has been mended, the wood is secured, and the ornament reattached. Casts were taken and fit into place to recreate the missing ornament. The frame was gilded and toned to match the painting.  


    Before – Underneath a layer of dirt and grime, bronze paints have oxidized and darkened considerably on this antique frame. The original gold is completely hidden by a dark, uneven coating. This frame also has a considerable amount of chipping due to water damage. 
    After – Because the original gold was so compromised, the frame has been re-gilded with 22k gold and toned to give an authentic antique look. 


    Before – 

    This frame has been toned in the past with gold paints that give it a dull, featureless appearance. 

    After – 

    The frame has been re-gilded with 23k gold and antiqued to match the painting. 


    Before & After Cleaning – This antique frame is shown being cleaned. Years of dirt and grime are removed, revealing the original gold underneath. 


    Before – 

    This wood engraving by Albrecht Durer has deteriorated over time. Stains and overall discoloration due to acidic content have become distracting to the image.

    After – 

    The spots have been removed and the acid in the paper has been neutralized. This acidic content caused discoloration and premature deterioration of the artwork.



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