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    Gold Framed Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting Signed by Harry W Newman (1873-1946)
    Gold Framed Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting Signed by Harry W Newman (1873-1946)
    Gold Framed Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting Signed by Harry W Newman (1873-1946)
    Harry W. Newman (b. 1873)

    Gold Framed Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting Signed by Harry W Newman (1873-1946)

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    Gold Framed Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting by Harry W. Newman (1873-1946).

    This artwork is an Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting of a forest and mountainous terrain displaying large hill comprised of giant boulders and rocks during the autumn season.

    This antique painting is Signed in the lower right corner by the American artist, Harry W. Newman, who was born in 1873.

    This fine art is Oil on artist board and measures 12 inches tall by 16 inches wide.

    In the gilded gold leaf picture frame this landscape painting measures 18.5 inches tall by 22.5 inches wide.

    The artist Harry W. Newman was born in London, England on 26 June 1873 to Richard and Elizabeth (Day) Newman.

    His father was a plumber and a glazier, who went to Australia for their Gold Rush.

    It is unclear whether or not infant Harry went to Australia with his mother when she joined her husband there.

    Harry's brother, Thomas Charles (baptised Charles Thomas) was born in Australia in 1875.

    Harry's father died, and his widow returned to England. She and her two sons went to live with her parents and their five other children in Bristol.

    When he was 18, Harry was working as a Car Conductor on the horse drawn trams in Bristol and living with his brother and an aunt.

    Four years later in 1895, Harry on the S.S. Scythia emigrated to the USA where he joined his mother in Boston.

    On the ship he had given his occupation as ˜painter.

    In 1899 he married Emily Scholz, an immigrant from Germany who was the same age as himself.

    They settled in New York where Harry worked as a janitor.

    On the first day of February 1901, Harry became an American citizen, and on the last day of the same month he became the father of a little girl.

    A son was born two years later

    .In 1913 Harry and his wife Emily, both 40 years old, took a trip to the island of Bermuda.

    The duration of this trip is not known but on the return, they boarded the ship S.S Bermudian at the port of Hamilton on October 7th, 1913 and arrived at the port of New York City on October 9th of the same year.

    (Citation is the List of United States Citizens, Ship's Log of the S.S. Bermudian dated October 9th, 1913.)

    By 1915 the family was living in the Bronx in a duplex, which they owned.

    In 1918, Harry was required to fill out a Registration card for WW1.

    In it he is described as a supervisor in a gas mask factory.

    He was of medium height with blue eyes and black hair.

    In 1935 Harry and his wife returned to Bristol, England to visit his mother who was living there again.

    They stayed for two full months, and Harry produced more paintings on this trip.

    Although he had had various jobs as a car conductor; janitor; supervisor etc., he often gave his occupation as a painter or an artist.

    Harry W. Newman had trained as an artist in England before he moved to the States.

    In the USA he attended the Arts Students League in New York for evening and weekend classes.

    Harry was a painter, lecturer and teacher and that he studied under Henri and Bridgman.

    It adds that he exhibited his art in the Art Institute of Chicago,1905-1906; Boston Art Club, 1907; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1910; Bronx Artist Guild, 1931; and was a member of the Bronx Art Guild: SC.

    He exhibited his works in their shows.

    Harry Newman is known for figure, industrial scene and marine painting. He also painted landscapes.

    At one time he decided to stop selling his work after a painting that he sold for twenty five dollars was destroyed by the owner.

    On weekends, when able, he went on painting expeditions with his daughter-in-law.

    She helped him carry his materials as he was lame from an old leg injury.

    One of his paintings, Winter Gypsy Encampment, was exhibited at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

    Harry W. Newman died on 14 January 1946.

    Many of his paintings were distributed among family members.

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