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    Chippendale Style Furniture

    18th Century Antiques Chippendale English Furniture

    Chippendale Style Furniture

    An archetype of the finest English design and craftsmanship, Chippendale style furniture originated with cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century. 

    The style was immediately popular and adopted across Europe and America – and it continues to be a favored style for sophisticated and traditional interiors today. 

    Drawing inspiration from Gothic, Rococo and Chinese design, original-inspired Chippendale furnishings are often variable in their overall aesthetic but are consistent in their aura of luxury and elegance. 

    Essential to Chippendale-style furniture is the use of fine hardwoods, such as mahogany and walnut, and often the presence of a dark finish, which emulates old-world, monarchal designs. 

    Stylistically, refined details like yoked chair rails and intricately pierced and carved chair back splats are common, and luxury upholstery is also a hallmark of the style. 

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