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  • How To Frame A Dark Painting

    Antique Picture Frames Antiques Fine Art

    This is a short "before and after" video showing how David Friedman frames a very dark painting with an affordable frame that complements the art. 

    David Friedman is the third generation owner of Susquehanna Antique Company. The company was founded in 1913 by his grandfather. Named after the Susquehanna River in the region it was founded, the company was passed down to the current owner's father. David's father moved the company to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. David was born in Asheville and was raised in the store outside of his school time. He eventually took over the store and moved to Washington, DC in the Georgetown district. He remained in that area until 2010. Then, he returned the company to Asheville, where he resides currently to this day.

    The painting that was featured in the above video was sold the next week to a viewer via our Facebook page. The link is at the bottom of the website. Please contact us if you need any help matching a frame to a painting. 

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