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    How To Choose a Picture Frame

    Antique Picture Frames Fine Art Interior Decorating Paintings

    Making the correct framing choice for paintings is especially important. The frame becomes a more prominent component as there is no mat to separate the frame from the artwork, and often the frame will be quite wide. Not only should the style and finish be carefully considered but the period style in the case of older paintings is also an important aspect.

    The Significance of the Frame

    Visitors to an art museum or gallery may never realize how important a frame is to their enjoyment of a work of art. Not only do frames protect and support artwork, but their design and materials must complement and enhance the art without overpowering it.

    Frames are often more complex than they appear, and their preservation depends on proper care and treatment. Antique frames are traditionally made of gesso and carved wood and then gilded. Some are made of exotic solid or veneer wood. All frames are vulnerable to the same forces of deterioration that may threaten the artwork they are meant to protect.

    When period frames are not available, or unaffordable, custom frames can be built. Our staff can construct frames that have the look and feel of a particular period style.

    Frames are integral to the presentation of an object, but they must enhance—not distract from—the picture and secure it safely. As fashions have changed over time, so have approaches to framing art.


    1. If you do not know which type of frame to pick for your art, send pictures of your art to us via email for us to review.
    2. If you already know which type and style of frame you would like for your art, then you just need to know the dimensions of your canvas. Take those measurements and explore our collection of unique picture frames.

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