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    How To Increase The Value of Your Art

    Antique Picture Frames Fine Art How To Interior Decorating Paintings

    We at Susquehanna Antique Company are always looking for period frames for our clients that enhance the value of their art collections or paintings.

    We specialize in custom framing to complement the clients art or art collection.

    We consider many criteria when framing your art. To explain a few, the following are insights from several experts:

    • "Period/Date: Matching a frame to the time period in which the artwork was created is a great way to contextualize both painting and frame. French frames from the 18th century were heavily ornamental, detailed, and, to put it mildly, super fancy.

    But dates are only the beginning when considering a frame.

    • Country/Region of Origin: Once the time period is pinned down, finding the geographical homes of the framework and the artwork is another task. Flash and dazzle weren’t exactly in style in Protestant Northern Europe, and it showed. Works by Dutch artists Vermeer or Rembrandt are often framed by simple but elegant wooden frames. The elegant curves in the polished wood would catch the light from a 17th-century home lit by candles. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity: the wood on such frames was expensive and therefore hard to come by. Case in point: ebony.
    • The Artist: The French impressionist Claude Monet wasn’t impressed by the frames of his time. He opted instead for frames made some 200 years prior to display several of his paintings.
    • Framing art cannot only affect the physical appearance of the artwork, but it can also increase the value of the artwork especially when it comes to period picture frames, such as an original antique French 19th century frame on a 19th century painting adds historical value. 
    • A frame can add the finishing touch to an artwork adding to the general theme, aesthetic or even feeling. It can also add value and work as a tool to draw viewers into the painting and view it is as a whole. Of course, the style of frame (if original) will also depend on when the artwork was created; 19th century frames are far more extravagant whereas 20th century frames are much simpler (although this isn’t always the case)."

    We offer many styles and periods of antique picture frames from 18th Century Italian frames to American 19th Century frames that will enhance and add value to your art! 

    The following Spanish still life is an example of framing with the same period frame to enhance the painting and complement the style. 

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